We expect patients who suffer from snoring, pauses in breath while sleeping, daytime sleepiness, inability to fall asleep or waking up too early, frequent waking during the night, and a lack of quality sleep to sleep disorder tests.

At first, the nature of your sleep disorder is identified and objective examination is performed during the consultation of the otorhinolaryngologist. After that, the patient is referred to the sleep nurse for sleep-related breathing disorder tests, if necessary.

The tests are performed in the Medita Clinic Tartu Centre.

In the Medita Clinic, a type of sleep study or polygraphy can be administered. In the course of the study, abnormal respiration during sleep is recorded by means of sensors attached to the patient’s body.

The physiological parameters recorded during the study are the following:
  • blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), which indicates the blood oxygen levels
  • heart rate, pulse wave
  • oronasal airflow rate
  • breathing movement scale of the chest and abdomen
  • body position (on the back, left or right side, prone or sitting position)
  • vibration of snoring on the neck
  • electromyography (movement of limbs)

At the sleep nurse’s consultation, the patient is provided with a polygraphy device to be used at home. Beforehand, the use and operation of the device is thoroughly explained to the patient. After the test night, the patient returns the device to the clinic and all recorded data are entered in the computer program. The sleep nurse analyses the study results by 2-5-minute “pages” visually on a computer screen, scores the collected data and prepares a report of the results. Thereafter, the sleep nurse and the doctor review the whole study and compare the data recorded by all sensors comprehensively. The results are used by the doctor to draw diagnostic conclusions and prepare a summary.

At a repeat visit, the doctor informs the patient of the findings, explains the nature of the disorder, introduces available therapies and gives recommendations for treatment.

Family physicians may refer their patients suffering from sleep disorders to our otorhinolaryngologist Dr Epp Pool, who identifies the need for sleep tests and refers the patient to the sleep nurse. In this case, the Tervisekassa covers the cost of the service under the medical care financing contract concluded between the Tervisekassa and the Medita Clinic.

In the Medita Clinic, Tiina Siilak and Liina Tiidor practices as a sleep nurses and provides independent consultations of the otorhinolaryngology nurse (also to patients with sleep disorders). After the initial appointment with the nurse, the patient is referred to further tests and a consultation of the otorhinolaryngologist.

For the health service covered by the Tervisekassa, a referral from the general physician must include a note that "the patient is referred to the consultation of the otorhinolaryngology nurse".

Patients may also book a paid appointment with the sleep nurse, who performs the sleep study. An appointment with the sleep nurse may also be booked for other reasons (e.g., extending the driver's licence).

The charge for paid sleep study is 240 €.

The charge for an independent sleep nurse’s appointment is 45 €.