Vascular surgery

In Tallinn, Medita Clinic holds a valid contract with the Tervisekassa for financing day treatment surgeries in the speciality of vascular surgery.

Restorative vascular surgery restores blood supply. The most common reasons for the cessation of blood supply are related to arterial calcification, vascular embolism and thrombosis and vascular traumas.

The pre-disposing factors of these diseases are age, male gender, hypertension, diabetes, excess of bad cholesterol in the blood and lack of good cholesterol, smoking, overweight, heredity.

Vascular surgeons working at Medita Clinic in Tallinn are Dr Veronika Palmiste and Dr Argo Aru.

For providing day treatment and day surgery services, we ask you to first register for an ambulatory consultation with the appropriate medical specialist.

Over 2100 surgical procedures and operations are performed at Medita Clinic in a year.