Wound care

Our wound care nurse in Tallinn expect patients with venous leg ulcers, ulcers that take a long time to heal after traumas, also milder burns of first and second degree or surgical and oncology wounds with complications which need care and treatment.

Independent consultations of the wound care nurse are provided by Jaanika Orav in Tallinn.

For the consultation of the wound care nurse, a referral from the general physician is needed including a note that the patient is referred to an independent consultation of a nurse specialising in general surgery.  

The referral should contain the following information:
  • causes of ulceration;
  • time of diagnosing the ulcer;
  • concomitant diseases;
  • remedies used (how long) for dressings so far;
  • time of the last assessment of the ulcer;
  • whether dressings have been changed by a family nurse or home care nurse.

Appointments with the wound care nurse can be made through the Patient Portal www.digilugu.ee, www.veebiregistratuur.ee or by calling the registration desk at Medita Clinic, phone number 17101.

Medita Clinic Tallinn holds a valid contract with the Tervisekassa for financing medical treatment in the specialities of general surgery so as to offer ambulatory consultations and provide day treatment procedures and day surgery.

Primary appointment
When coming to the first appointment, a copy of a wound treatment record summarising previous measures should be taken along.

At the first appointment, the history of the patient’s general condition is reviewed, the ulcer and the condition of the surrounding skin is assessed and recorded (determination of the ulcer type localisation; measurement of the size of the ulcer; assessment of the viability of the wound bed tissue; assessment of the degree of infection/inflammation, biofilm and secreted exudate; collection of wound culture specimens, if necessary). When needed, the wound is also cleansed and dressed.  

Based on the condition of the wound, a care and treatment plan will be drawn up and necessary means for wound care and treatment of the wound at home will be recommended.  

In case of need, the wound nurse may refer the patient to a specialist who specifies concomitant diseases and required treatments.

Subsequent appointments
At subsequent appointments, the dynamics of wound healing is assessed and recorded, the wound bed tissue and the condition of the skin around the wound is assessed, and the wound bed is further cleansed and dressed.

Also, the use of skin protection means is introduced to the patient, recommendations on wound care at home are given and, if necessary, pain related to the wound is assessed and pain treatment is arranged.