Surgery Clinic

Medita Surgery Clinic offers ambulatory diagnostics and treatment for surgical health problems, and also provides day treatment procedures and day surgery.

Medita Surgery Clinic has specialists working in the fields of gynaecology, general surgery, vascular surgery, otorhinolaryngology, orthopaedics and urology.

Medita Surgery Clinic’s appointments are provided in Tartu, and in the fields of gyneaecology, neurosurgery, urology, orthopaedics, general surgery and vascular surgery, also in Tallinn.

In Tartu and Tallinn, Medita Clinic holds a valid contract with the Tervisekassa for financing medical treatment in the specialities of surgery.  

Consultations with a neurosurgeon in Tallinn are chargeable (80€)

Gynaecologists at the Medita Clinic in Tartu are Dr Katre Tennisberg, Dr Janelle Suumann, Dr Liis Järva, Dr Rille Kelner, Dr Marit Saare, Dr Kristin Jaigma, Dr Snežanna Kalm, Dr Aune Siller, Dr Krista Sitska, Dr Triin Tammiste, Dr Viivi Heido and Dr Tiiu Hermlin; orthopaedists are Dr Aleks Lenzner and Dr Marju Kelviste; urologists are Dr Tanel Muul, Dr Jaanus Kahu, Dr Mihhail Žarkovski and uroloogist-andrologist is Dr Kristo Ausmees; general surgeons are Dr Kaarel Tammur, Dr Kaisa Saarniit, Dr Silver Merisalu and Dr Toomas Väli; otorhinolaryngologists are Dr Romet Müür, Dr Epp Pool, Dr Siret Salben, Dr Ene Kivirüüt, Dr Sirje Teppo and Dr Raiko Tiganik.

Gynaecologists at the Medita Clinic in Tallinn are Dr Rille Kelner, Dr Sirle Randoja, Dr Triin Laja, Dr Maarja Viitamees, Dr Gabor Szirko and Dr Marit Saare; orthopaedists are Dr Ingmar Kurg, Dr Andrus Kikas, Dr Juni Tenison, Dr Aleks Lenzner, Dr Marju Kelviste and Dr Raul Parik; urologists are Dr Rauno Okas and Dr Andres Kotsar and uroloogist-andrologist is Dr Kristo Ausmees; general surgeons are Dr Toomas Kangur, Dr Mart Niidu, Dr Ott Lauer, Dr Airi Tark, Dr Vappu Zobel and Dr Jaan Tepp; vascular surgeons are Dr Veronika Palmiste and Dr Argo Aru.

Independent consultations of an otorhinolaryngology nurse are provided by Tiina Siilak and Liina Tiidor, with whom patients with sleep disorders may seek an appointment.

After the initial appointment with the nurse, the patient is referred to further tests and the consultation of the otorhinolaryngologist, if necessary. For the health service covered by the Tervisekassa, a referral from the general physician must include a note that the patient is referred to the otorhinolaryngology nurse’s consultation.