Appointment info

For an appointment at Medita Clinic, prior registration is required.

The fastest way to register for an ambulatory appointment with a medical specialist is  or

If you have any doubts about which medical specialist is the most suitable for solving your concerns and problems, call the registration desk at Medita Clinic, phone number 17101* (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00), and ask for further information.

Other ways to register for an appointment:
  • Telephone 17101* (Mon–Fri 08:00-18:00)
  • At Medita Clinic in Tartu (Mon-Thu 08:00-20:00, Fri 08:00-19:00) or Tallinn (Mon-Thu 08:30-20:00, Fri 08:30-18:00)
  • Medita Clinic's  electronic form  (chargeable appointment, appointment covered by the Eesti Tervisekassa)
* 17101 is a Medita Clinic’s customer service number, to which Medita Clinic does not apply a separate call fee. The call is subject to a minute-by-minute rate - all charges related to the call are taxed according to the call rate set by your phone operator for the call number (Telia, Elisa, Tele2).

Please come to the visit alone. We allow a maximum of one person to accompany a minor or a patient in need of accompaniment to the clinic.